Lifestyle changes

Our research focuses on emotional and cognitive factors that either inhibit or advance consumers’ propensity to engage in physical activity and active transport on a habitual basis. We collect qualitative data on individuals’ behavioural changes, emotions, and fundamental motives. This information allows us to develop and provide innovative and tailored techniques to understand how individuals at different stages of life cycle integrate physical activities in their everyday life. We also provide behavioural aspects related to access, transport equity and urban green spaces.

We analyse individuals’ emotions, fundamental motives and mindsets as forces behind the behavioural changes. The data is collected via qualitative approach and mixed methods, e.g., via interviews, participative observation, narrative diaries and projective techniques. Major part of the data is collected from the interventions in four case cities (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, and Jyväskylä).

Further information:

Birgitta Sandberg, University Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor, Turku School of Economics