Business opportunities

When we know more about individuals´ physical activity in different stages of life and what transport modes they use, we can better understand new business opportunities arising from lifestyle changes. We are interested in a variety of opportunities. Fields directly related to physical activity include sports services, sports facilities construction, consulting, coaching, rehabilitation services, health monitoring applications and different event organizing. Businesses that support active lifestyle include, for example, restaurant and cafe services, construction of public transport hubs, well-being at work, sports tourism, and various research, education and communication services. When people start walking and cycling more, there are slow areas where a variety of surprising businesses can get new customers. Public authorities also play an important role in planning these areas.

The ability of active transport and public transport to operate as a business driver requires cooperation between businesses, cities and municipalities, as well as various associations, such as sports clubs. In the STYLE project, we facilitate the co-operation and the search for synergies between different actors. To support networked foresight on business opportunities, we use future workshops, stakeholder interviews and surveys. The STYLE project not only provides a vision for a desirable future, but also examines in depth what obstacles can hinder the increase of physical activity and active transport as well as the means to reduce these obstacles.

Further information:

Petri Tapio, Professor, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku